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"When it comes to your pets, only the best will do."

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Toxic substances

Even if your pet has all of its vaccinations, it can still come down with an illness. Get your pet the treatment it needs to start feeling better soon.

If your pet has an injury, then it is important to seek treatment soon in order to prevent infections and complications. From stitches to setting broken bones, we do it all!

Seek emergency vet services immediately if your pet ingests a toxic substance. Getting the help you need soon could make all the difference in your pet's outcome.

Digital X-rays

Specialized care

Affordable prices

When it comes to emergency medicine, getting accurate and quick diagnosis is the key. With digital X-rays, Dr. Chen can see what the issue is more accurately.

Get specialized care and treatment for all of your pet's emergency needs. We treat your pet as an individual and find the treatment that works best for him.

No one plans for an emergency. Facing an unexpected vet bill can be scary. Fortunately, we work hard to keep our prices for services affordable.

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